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mulled, and cozy as fuck

Up here in the mountains, living the lyfestyle.

Yet others say that she went to find Zeb, and that he is in the form of a Bear, and that she too is in the form of a Bear, and is with him today. That is the best answer, because it is the happiest

—Margaret Atwood


Waipod Phetsuphan “Ding Ding Dong”

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Until next time, Florence.

Until next time, Florence.

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Italian in the mouth of Italians is a deep-voiced stream, with unexpected cataracts and boulders to preserve it from monotony. In Mr. Eager’s mouth it resembled nothing so much as an acid whistling fountain which played ever higher and higher, and quicker and quicker, and more and more shrilly, till abruptly it was turned off with a click.

A Room with a View by E.M. Forester

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Justice - Stress

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